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Why Yucky Bananas?

It's a common predicament:

The kitchen is piled with ugly brown bananas, and the over-ripe odor is nauseating. You're deathly sick of making and eating banana bread, but you can't bring yourself to throw the brown bunches away. (Waste food? Never!)

So wake up and smell the bananas! Yes-those ugly brown ones-for therein lies a delicious solution and a secret ingredient. And you don't have to be a monkey to enjoy it.

Introducing Yucky Bananas, Yummy Bakery - a recipe E-book developed for just such a predicament. It's a truth of paradox proportions: The browner the bananas, the better the baked goods (more flavorful). Moistness is a trademark of banana bakery, and you won't be disappointed. The banana, so bold and beautiful when yellow, is enticingly more tasty when "yucky." What a rewarding treat for thrifty ingenuity!

This cookbook won't merely keep you from wasting bananas, it will inspire you with so many new ways to use the fruit, you'll buy ugly bananas on purpose. Since it's also kid-friendly, Yucky Bananas, Yummy Bakery, is a great book for all ages. It's filled with fun banana facts and makes the perfect gift for a banana lover or baker in your life. Readers will be guided by easy-to-follow instructions and helpful baking tips.

Make no mistake about it, these are non-typical banana recipes, developed specifically to cure the banana bread blahs. In fact, Yucky Bananas, Yummy Bakery has just about every banana recipe except one for banana bread! After all, banana bread is so last century.

These thirty original banana recipes are where the fun's at -- recipes like Candy Bar Banana Bars, Banana Cheesecake, and Chocolate-Dipped Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches. But I needn't go on, simply click on the Table of Contents (to be posted soon), or try a Sample Recipe.

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