Peeling Bananas, Monkey Method

What's up with the stereotype of bananas and monkeys? Is there any truth behind it? Do monkeys truly crave the yellow fruit, or do they just eat it when it's handy?

The answer is no surprise: Monkeys love bananas! Some even get a big banana-shaped grin on their faces when presented with the treat. While monkeys enjoy a variety of fruits and leaves, if a monkey who is familiar with bananas is given a banana, he will gobble it eagerly. Such a monkey might be a zoo monkey or pet monkey. In the case of a monkey who's never been introduced to a banana, if given the opportunity, he will soon discover what he's been missing.

Monkeys, as true banana lovers, can teach us a thing or two about these fun fruits.

For instance, did you know that most monkeys eat bananas by pinching the bottom end of the banana -- NOT by peeling back from the stem end? Try it! The pressure from the pinching method creates a tear in the peel, and voila! -- the fruit is easily revealed and ready to munch on.

Besides the ease of peeling a banana the 'monkey way', an added advantage to this method is that once you eat your way to the bottom (the stem end -- it makes a nice "handle", by the way), the banana comes out easily, with no teeth or finger prompting.

Finally, those nasty clingy stringy things (which usually remain on the banana after you've peeled it the traditional way) can be more easily eliminated when you peel from the non-stem end. For some reason, the strings tend to stay attached to the skin when peeled non-traditionally. Thus an extra "string-removal step" is not needed, and you're able to enjoy your banana sooner.

(It should be noted that some monkeys don't even take the time to peel bananas before eating them. While this is a quick method, it is NOT recommended, as it would also be a quick way to a stomach ache!)

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